Friday, March 29, 2013


 Sweater (J.Crew-old, Factory) // Shorts (J.Crew) // Shoes (J.Crew-Similar) // Watch (Anthropologie) // Bracelets (Anthropologie, Madewell, and F21) // Sunglasses (Selima-old)

As I was getting dressed the other morning I found myself searching my closet for certain silk blouses, only to come up empty handed.  My first reaction was that one of my sisters had "borrowed" it.  You know how that goes?  "Can I borrow this?", only to find yourself months later still missing said item.  However, this time neither one of them was the culprit.... I forgot about the pile of dry cleaning I have had sitting in the corner of my room for who knows how long.  I hate dry cleaning!  It's pricey, time consuming, and does it ever really get clean?  

Anyway, I decided (until I find something "dry clean only" that I just have to have) no more fussy clothes.  I want things I can clean myself... at least I'll remember where it is!

I'm crossing my fingers it stays warm this weekend since it was so nice this week!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!
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