Friday, April 17, 2015


So I finally made the switch over to wordpress, follow along at!  Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Asos Dress, SimilarSimilar // J.Crew Belt // J.Crew Mules // Spitfire Sunglasses

I love lace.  It's a cold hard fact.  Whenever I find it I want to buy it.  That's why when I got married and started looking for a wedding dress lace was all I wanted.  Well turns out (as you saw yesterday) I also like beaded things; dresses, sweaters, etc... When I bought this dress over a year ago I wanted to buy it in cream but I justified it as a dress for a friends bridal shower so anything white-ish was off limits.  I suppose this dress became the substitute for the lace wedding dress I never had and a substitute is alright by me.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


 J.Crew Sweater // H&M Pants, Similar // J.Crew Mule // Madewell Bag // Selima Sunglasses // J.Crew Bracelet

I've been told a time or two that variety is the spice of life but I'm just not sure that I buy it.  That's the reason you can see these shoes herehere, and here plus the next two outfits to come. The heart wants what it wants is my only explanation for the lack of creativity on the shoe front.  That and my other spring shoes are still boxed up.  Regardless, these shoes aren't going anywhere fast so you could say monotony is the spice of life.  Yes, I think we'll say that.  At least this sweater is something new to look at and she sure is pretty (and on sale!)

Saturday, April 4, 2015


The next step on the home tour is the kitchen.  Everyone's favorite place to hang out!  We truly have learned that in the short time we've lived here and the few get together's that we've thrown, the kitchen is the heart of the hangout!  

The kitchen was originally pretty small, dark and not all that functional.  Since we didn't have a ton of space to work with we knew that we needed to not only maximize the space but make it feel visually larger.

We were lucky with this house because right off the kitchen there was a mudroom/laundry space that wasn't big enough to be functional that we were able to combine into the kitchen which made the space far larger than I would have ever imagined.  My husband and I both love all white kitchens and so deciding on white cabinets and subway tiles was an easy decision for us.  We chose a medium grout so that tiles could pop a little and also bring out the veining in the marble.  An all white kitchen look is great because it serves as a blank slate and allows for fun and eclectic decor.

I'm so glad we chose the hardware that we did, I absolutely love how it contrasts all of the white but still keeps the space so simple.  I also like the visual interest of the vertical and horizontal lines it creates. 

This is my husbands favorite thing about the kitchen.  It's our pantry and extra storage for all those appliances you forget that you have.  It's currently about half full but we know through the years we will be happy with all the extra storage!  Plus, the hardware looks especially cool here.

After a lot of back and forth we finally decided on these chairs and I'm so glad that we did! Since making so many decisions through the whole process some of the smaller ones were really hard for me to commit to.  These chairs ended up being a great choice because they're pretty affordable and honestly one of the most comfortable barstools I've ever sat on!  And the dark wood really contrasts nicely with all the white.

Counter Stools // Plates // Pendant // Hickory Hardware Pulls c/o

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