Sunday, October 27, 2013


J.Crew Tee // Old Navy Jeans, Similar // Sam Edelman Booties // Target Hat

For a busy weekend a jeans, tee and some accessories is all it takes!  Hope you had a good one!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Skargorn Tee // Gap Camo Skinnies, Similar // Anthropologie Booties, Similar // J.Crew Bag // J.Crew Bracelets

Last year at this time I had long and beautiful hair and lately I have been missing it.  I would put my long hair in one single braid and absolutely loved the look of it.  My hair can't do that anymore, so as an ode to my old long hair I put a little french braid on the side.  It's not the same but it's something, you know?  I know I sound dramatic but I sure have been missing that hair...

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I know I'm glad it's finally here!


J.Crew // Asos // Madwell // Zara // Club Monaco

I really really do love a good coat.  Unfortunately for me, I don't really need more than one.  I don't live in a cold climate nor do I travel to one often.  I have one black coat and while it's cute and the style is nice it's just a black coat.  So here I present to you something a little more interesting, the statement coat.  Those of you who can not only get away with having more than one coat but might actually need more than one, I urge you to invest in something out of the ordinary  It would give any outfit the punch it needs.  So get on it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Old Navy Sweater // Urban Outfitters Jeans // Madewell Booties // J.Crew Bag // Madewell Sunnies

In all honestly this is an outfit I love to wear.  Jeans, a pullover sweater and a pair of booties.  If it was acceptable to wear the same thing everyday then this would be it.  Sometimes, and usually that sometimes is in the winter I get in clothing ruts and have a real tough time getting all creative.  That's kinda what happened when we went out to dinner on Friday night, but boring outfits here and there aren't a bad thing, right?

Sunday, October 20, 2013


 J.Crew Sweater, Similar // Zara Shorts // Madewell Booties, Similar // Target Watch // J.Crew Bag // J.Crew Necklace

As I've said before, booties are my go-to shoe when the weather cools a bit and it remains that way through the cooler seasons.  I like how they give me a little heel but are still comfortable for a full day on my feet.  However, I'm trying to think of other shoes I am going to try and work into my wardrobe this year.  What is your go-to shoe this time of year?  Any pair in particular you couldn't make it through these seasons without?  

Thursday, October 17, 2013


J.Crew Dress // J.Crew Belt // J.Crew Jacket // J.Crew Wedges

This dress is sort of like the one that got away.  I remember wanting it but not being willing to shell out the dough for a sequin dress because how often would I really wear a sequin, chevron dress?  Fast forward a year and a half and the perfect occasion arrises only I don't have said dress.  Luckily for me, my good friend Kathy, who is not only smart but also my size, did think a chevron, sequin dress would come in handy and here my dreams are coming true.  I will say though, lesson learned - you can always use a sequin dress in your closet, no matter what anyone else says :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Gap Sweater // J.Crew Baseball Hat // Madewell Belt // Rhyme Los Angeles Tee // Zara Skirt // Madewell Glasses // Gap Loafers // Old Navy Skinnies // Gap Clutch

Here are some great finds for a little closet spruce up without breaking the bank!  All items are under $50 and all can be mixed and matched!

Monday, October 14, 2013


  Madewell Top // Old Navy Jeans // J.Crew Necklace // Anthropologie Booties, Similar // Michael Kors Bag // Madewell Sunnies

I must admit but I'm sure you know, pants haven't been my thing lately.  They're constricting and often times itchy.  However, it's been quite cool when I have been waking up lately so unfortunately for me pants have been a must.  I found these jeans at Old Navy over the weekend and I must just say they are soft as butter.  I might be rekindling my love for pants, don't hold me to it but it may have happened.

I also bought these, they aren't as soft but they're pretty darn cool.


 Minkpink Dress, Similar // J.Crew Cardigan // J.Crew Wedges // J.Crew Link Bracelet // Selima Sunglasses

You know when you plan an outfit for say 72 degrees in the fall and you think "A dress and cardigan will be just perfect"?  And then 72 is really 78, but feels like 85 because you're outside in the direct sunlight for 4 hours and the "perfect" outfit turns into the worst option available?  That's kinda how this one went.  Great in theory but warm weather with a black leather cardigan just don't mix too well.  Sometimes you sacrifice what you want to wear for the weather and other times you sacrifice your comfort, but mostly you sacrifice your comfort :)

Just so you know this is the coolest cardigan I have ever owned.  

Monday, October 7, 2013


Anthropologie Top // Old Navy Jeans, Similar // J.Crew Shoes // J.Crew Bag // J.Crew Rings // Selima Sunnies

You know those pieces that just sit in your closet for years until one day you get inspired and decide to pull them from the depths?  That was how this combination came to life.  I, like most of us I think always want something new to wear, time after time forgetting about all the wonderful things filling my closet.  It's not always about the newest thing in there sometimes it's just about getting out of the clothing rut you're in (I've actually been enjoying my skirt rut but thought it was time for a little change).  Go ahead try and wear some of your oldest items!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


 Madewell Tee // Asos Skirt // J.Crew Sandals // J.Crew Bag // Selima Sunnies

Lately, I just can't stop myself - skirts of any length seem to just jump on my body.  It's cool though, with the weather still so warm it's the perfect combination.  It also seems like I have nothing to write about so I'll leave you with this, buy some skirts.  If you're anything like me they will make you happy, and who doesn't want to be happy?!

Anything in particular you have been wearing lately?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Years ago when booties first came on the scene I was all about them.  I bought a certain pair from J.Crew in two colors as well as another style to fill my closet.  I wore them day in and day out until they were almost unrecognizable.  Today, I am proud so say I am still an avid bootie wearer and collector.  It's absolutely my go-to shoe choice in the fall, winter and sometimes summer - mainly because of their versatility and comfort.  This week, my most recent bootie outfit was featured over on Pose!  What an honor!! Click here to see how all he other super fashionable ladies and myself styled falls favorite footwear.
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