Monday, October 14, 2013


 Minkpink Dress, Similar // J.Crew Cardigan // J.Crew Wedges // J.Crew Link Bracelet // Selima Sunglasses

You know when you plan an outfit for say 72 degrees in the fall and you think "A dress and cardigan will be just perfect"?  And then 72 is really 78, but feels like 85 because you're outside in the direct sunlight for 4 hours and the "perfect" outfit turns into the worst option available?  That's kinda how this one went.  Great in theory but warm weather with a black leather cardigan just don't mix too well.  Sometimes you sacrifice what you want to wear for the weather and other times you sacrifice your comfort, but mostly you sacrifice your comfort :)

Just so you know this is the coolest cardigan I have ever owned.  
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