Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Ily Couture Cardigan // Skargorn Tee // Madewell Jeans // J.Crew Loafers // Madewell Sunnies // c/o Rakani Watch  // c/o Color By Amber Bracelet

Nine times out of ten when I'm getting ready, the clothes go on and then it's bracelet time, and as you know, I don't generally shy away from stacking them on.  It just feels right when I hear the jingle jangle of them clanking together.  This Color By Amber cuff was the perfect complement to the other bracelets I was wearing.  Plus, I didn't have to think of any others to wear with it since it's such a statement, and I always love that!

I wore this simple outfit last week to my nephew's VIP day since it was just a casual morning at his school.  He got to take me around his classroom and show me what he has been up to this year.  I saw all of his paintings and drawings around the classroom and let me tell you, this kid is quite the artist. There was one in particular I immediately envisioned hanging in my house so I asked him if I could have it. He almost agreed but the money-hungry kid that he is decided to try and make five bucks off me.  I took the bait and agreed to pay him five dollars for it.  He then upped the price to twenty.  So much for being a VIP... Good thing I love that kid.
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