Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Eleven Paris Sweater // Elizabeth Cole Earrings // Sam Edelman Sneakers // Sam Edelman Boots // Samantha Willis Earrings // 525 America Cardigan
This time of year there is nothing that tops my wish list more than a cozy sweater.  It's the center and backbone to almost every outfit I wear.  The problem, however, is that a cozy sweater can lend itself to a less than impressive look if it's not done right and that's why having the right pieces and correct styling are very important.  It can take an outfit based around a sweater from boring to stylish just by adding the right pieces to it.  

Shoes are a close second on my wish list this time of year and can help take your look from lack luster to cool and cute.  The sneaker option above is perfect for the girl on the go while the black boots can dress her up.  The final touch to any outfit this time of year and what can really set a comfy sweater outfit apart, is adding a touch of glam with jewelry.  Both pairs of earrings are the perfect touch for any daytime look.

The problem I always run into when shopping for others is that I oftentimes want one for myself.  These looks above, while similar, are different enough that I could get away with buying one for her and one for me.  Total win-win if you ask me.

Last but definitely not least, these cute looks are up to 25% off right now!  You can read all the details here.  What are you waiting for?  Get shopping!

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