Wednesday, July 3, 2013


J.Crew Dress // H&M Chambray (My husbands) // J.Crew Belt // J.Crew Bag // Sam Edelman Sandals

I decided to get patriotic a little early this week.  I mean, what's more patriotic than a denim shirt?  Stripes, stripes are more patriotic.  My husband told me when I was wearing this that he couldn't figure out why women like jersey dresses because they are apparently unflattering.  While I suppose he has a point, when comfort is most important, flattery has to take a back seat.  And since we have been experiencing what I would say is a pretty major heat wave, comfort is definitely key.  It's the type of heat wave where people pile into the mall, not to buy anything, but to have someone else pay to cool them off.  I can't do that though because this time of year has those damn  summer sales and it's just too hard to say no.  So I let myself stay hot and just use this as my outlet where I let you all know the kind of weather I'm experiencing.  Hopefully one of these days I'll let go of my old man weather talk and actually talk about fashion, like a style blogger should, but please don't hold your breath.
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