Friday, October 3, 2014


Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of my favorite little girly.  My niece turned one!  Oh how time flies!  Just a little over a year ago this little nugget was born and I'm not sure anyone would believe she would turn into the spunky girl she is today.
We celebrated by throwing a Flamingo themed pool party complete with pink and gold details.  It started with the invite, simple but intricate.  With less than 20 invites to make I cut each piece and then glued them together.  The pool party was only possible in late September thanks to Southern California's relentless heat (and also mom and dads pool heater ;)).
I made pink, gold, and yellow tassels out of tissue paper which is super inexpensive but also quite time consuming!  Tutorial here.  I made most of mine half the size as the one's in the tutorial.
 We also decorated with lots of pictures of the birthday girl because with a face that cute, why not!
I always think flowers are the best way to decorate so we loaded up on flowers from Trader Joe's! Finding lots of pink flowers in September was more tricky than it looks, something I never thought about!
Turns out that despite loving to eat, she is not all that impressed by cake.  Especially the frosting!  This was her third try and she just doesn't get it.  
Happy birthday Evie, I love you!
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