Thursday, September 26, 2013


Great news!  I have the cutest, sweetest baby niece there has ever been.  Yes, yes I'm a very proud aunt but do you blame me?  This sweet girl was born last Wednesday and she just couldn't be more perfect.  Unfortunately, she had to stay in the hospital for an entire week due to an infection but she's doing well and she gets to go home today.  I'm so happy for my sister and brother in law.  It has been a long road for them but it's so obvious that God has had little Evie in their plan all along and he couldn't have chosen a more perfect daughter for them.  They are going to be amazing parents, it's already so apparent that it's just second nature for them.  I'm so thankful that she is in all of our lives and I cannot wait to spoil her rotten! Love you little Evie Alyce!  
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