Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My daily essentials: Ilana bra c/o Adore Me 

I don't know about you, but bras and bra shopping aren't really my thing.  I've always been this way, just ask my mom.  When she tried to get me to wear my first bra I refused and threw it in the trashcan.  And when she tried to take me bra shopping months later, I threw a big old fit.  Pre-teen style.  My reaction these days isn't quite so strong but there's something about picking them out, potentially getting sized, trying them on (I could continue if you'd like but I'm sure you get the gist) that seems like too much of a hassle.  So about once every 3 years I go bra shopping (yikes!).  

Here's the good news though, it doesn't have to be that difficult or happen as rarely.  I've discovered this amazing online lingerie boutique called Adore Me.  They have a huge selection of items, including bra and underwear sets, sleepwear, and even swimwear!  Everything is affordable (ranging from $39.50- $59.99), super cute and most importantly (to me at least) it's comfortable.  I chose the Ilana because the gingham print was too cute to pass up.  It happens to be a push up bra which I am usually not a fan of because they take my boobs places they're not meant to be.  This one is different though it does the right amount of pushing without being out of line, keeping me comfortable all day.

The site is also super easy to use.  You can take a style quiz at the beginning so your shopping experience is quick and customized to your taste.  If you're still unsure, read more about Adore Me here and make sure you enter my giveaway so you can try it out and see what you think for yourself.  

*This giveaway will end next Wednesday, January 29th!

The bra was too cute to hide completely under my clothes so I let it peek out a bit!

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