Thursday, August 1, 2013


In Between

Anthropologie Skirt // J.Crew Necklace // J.Crew Chambray // J.Crew Blouse // Anthropologie Jacket // Madewell Dress // Anthropologie Dress // Madewell Shoes // J.Crew Chinos

Here is my collection of "not ready for fall but done with summer" items that I want to get in my closet.  Ever since the Spring I have totally been digging bedazzled blouses, my only concern is their durability.  Who knows what I think I'm going to be doing in a bedazzled shirt that it will just fall apart.  But really could that jacket be any cuter?  It's perfection and would transition beautifully.  Oh the life of a girl who wants to make a home for every cute item of clothing...  Someday I will, and it will be a lovely home.
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