Monday, June 17, 2013


 Anthropologie Top // Madewell Shorts // J.Crew Bag // J.Crew Sandals // Target Watch // J.Crew, 1 & 2 Bracelet // Frosted Willow Bracelet

These J.Crew sandals are ones that I bought a couple years ago and have forever been a favorite in my closet.  The leather is tough which made them hard and slightly uncomfortable to break in, but once I did I took these babies all over town.  I wore them non-stop.  So much so that the bottom tore from the sole.  So when the chance came around to buy a second pair, I jumped on it and continued wearing them non-stop.  Then this past summer I moved and somehow in the mix of things, I lost my second pair.  I didn't realize it until this summer and was devastated thinking I would never see those perfect sandals again.  

 So one day I saw my friend Megan wearing her own pair of my beloved sandals and I expressed my love for them and something amazing happened.  The very next day she showed up with a fresh box and gave them to me (you should know that she has actually done this once before).  She happens to be my same size, very generous and has a tendency to buy multiples of things.  She gave me one of the greatest gifts... a third chance with my favorite leather sandals.  Now I just have to get through the process of breaking this pair in and I will once again be in summer sandal heaven.  I don't know how I will possibly repay her.  Maybe with redbull (her favorite drink). 
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