Monday, April 8, 2013


Jacket (J.Crew-old, Want) // Shirt (Old Navy, Similar) // Jeans (J.Crew) // Shoes (J.Crew, Flat Version) // Watch (Anthropologie-old, Similar) // Bag (J.Crew-on sale in store!)

Spring seems to have sprung upon me and I keep getting this nagging feeling that I should be starting on some cleaning.  If you only saw my closet you would understand this fairly constant nag.  There are stacks of sweaters on the floor and shoes shoved in corners, not to mention the pile of things on the ottoman next to my bed that never fully finds a home.  Let me tell you... this can (and often does) make it very difficult to get dressed. 

So, instead of solving the actual problem by doing some de-cluttering in order to find the things I already have, I've made the problem worse by buying a couple of new things here and there and adding to the mess.  I mean, what's the harm anyway?  Didn't someone famous once say that you can never have too much money or too many clothes?  I can always just add to said pile.  Maybe, just maybe, "Spring Cleaning" isn't for me...

Can you believe these purple flowers?  I mean seriously!
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