Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 Dress, worn as skirt (J.Crew-old) // Sweatshirt (J.Crew, on sale in store) // Shoes (Madewell-old, Want) // Necklace (J.Crew, Different Color)

I love sweatshirts.  They are comfortable, easy and they will forever remind me of my younger days.  You see, I played basketball in junior high (using the term played loosely considering I never actually played in a game) so obviously a sweatshirt was what i wore day in and day out.  These days though I find it a little more fun to pair them with a skirt and necklace because it's much more unexpected then the basketball shorts I used to wear them with.  It's always fun to think back on the things we used to do... but that right there is a whole other post! 

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