Monday, April 1, 2013


Dress (Anthropologie-Old) // Jacket (J.Crew) // Necklace (J.Crew-Different Color) // Watch (Target) // Shoes (Seychelles-Old)

I expected this past weekend to feel very long considering I had Friday through Sunday off.  However, it flew by and made Monday morning, the whole day actually, very difficult. Isn't time off supposed to rejuvenate you?? From going out Friday night to Saturday night and Sunday morning being Easter celebrations there wasn't much time left to get much of anything done.  This weekend was also filled with jelly beans and reese's eggs which I think I may have officially overdosed on.  I'll be working on getting some solid foods back into my diet this week. 

I hope the rest of the week doesn't follow in today's footsteps or it will be a tough one!

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